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ItsHappening was initially developed to replace a hardcopy programme in an attempt to save some money. We quickly realised that we had created the ability to use the data that is captured in a tournament and to share it realtime with all the stakeholders. In addition to this the platform allows us to embed any content we want into the the digitised programme, whether it be Live Commentary, Live Streaming, Statistics, interactive chat platforms, the list really is endless.

Whilst we initially built the system for a water polo tournament our offering has grown to include all school sports. We have also developed a corporate offering and can provide a digital programme for anyone who makes use of a schedule, whether it be a conference, concert or welding schedule.

We have also just launched our LMS. This system specialises in managing the micro-credentialisation of learning and offers employers and educators the ability to track the progression of employees/students.


Digital Programme

Available on annual subscription or per event subscription
  • Upload event programme
  • Live push notifications
  • Venue listings
  • Date & time section
  • Embed required content

School Fixture Management

Available as an annual subscription
  • Setup Derby Days
  • Manage venues
  • Co-ordinate Buses
  • Stay up-to-date with multiple fixtures
  • Collate results


Available as an annual subscription
  • Content Library
  • Manage Submissions
  • Mark online
  • Track Progress
  • Share projects seamlessly

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