Amazing Features

Build the system that gives you the functionality you need

Your Data In Cloud

The system is cloud-based allowing users access from anywhere

High Quality View

We take great pride in the clean, professional appearance of our system

Bespoke Design

Each system is completely customisable to your brand requirements

Post Event Reporting

Track stats live and receive a full report once the event is completed

Excellent Performance

Unrivalled, realtime updating that keeps all users in the know as your event rolls out

Complete Security

We maintain the best standards in ensuring the protection of your data
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ItsHappening focuses on the need to establish and maintain community. Born in the education sector, our goal is to help any community realise their development and growth potential by helping them take the step into the 4th Industrial Revolution. We provide a full solution, designed to maximise the return on the data you create during the course of your day-to-day functioning. In doing so you will realise a dramatically improved user experience, as well as, realise how greater efficiency opens the doors to opportunities that were once out of reach.

Whether your need is event management, leaner management or marketing you have the option to choose from our current portfolio of products or work with us to develop a system that will fit your needs. We strive to develop products that will wow your users and impress your staff as we reduce the demands on them.

We are moving rapidly through the 21st Century and survival in this new world is dependant on our ability to be agile and creative. We are completely committed to walking this journey with our clients and see them become the leaders in their sectors.


Digital Event Management

Available on annual subscription or per event subscription
  • Upload event programme
  • Live push notifications
  • Venue listings
  • Date & time section
  • Embed required content


Available as an annual subscription
  • Content Library
  • Manage Submissions
  • Mark online
  • Track Progress
  • Share projects seamlessly

Digital Marketing Suite

Available as an annual subscription
  • Build interactive and targeted newsletters
  • Streamline content generation
  • Aggregate into yearbooks and regional newspapers

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