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Keep your community up to date with all the latest information about the events happening in your space.

Do away with PDFs, Spreadsheets and multiple versions. The ItsHappening.Africa Platform provides your community with one place to find out everything they need to know.
Take your events to the next level. Our intuitive fixture function allows filtering and gives event organisers the space to share results and statistics in a single place.
With the ItsHappening.Africa software, pool standings and play-off fixtures are calculated automatically and participants can access these in real time.

A Holistic Software Suite to Level
Up your Events

100% Mobile
Your event is now in the pockets of your community.
Single Point of Truth
One place to find the latest information.
Event Insights
Get game and player stats for your events.
Engage with your community like never before.

Event Management Software

Events have never been easier to run. The ItsHappening Software Suite gives you functionality for each aspect of your event – meaning you only ever work in one place. Gone are the days of multiple spreadsheets, PDFs and documents.

Get Real-Time Visibility

See every detail in one place for every type of event.

Competitions are often high stress, and access to information vital in planning for success. The ItsHappening Platform means your community has the latest information in their pockets all the time. Level Up your events even further by giving teams performance statistics to use as they look to improve and develop their skills.

Put Your Community First

Having an engaged audience has become an incredibly valuable asset for any event. When attendees actively take part, share their feedback and experiences with others, it contributes significantly to the overall success and impact of the occasion. In fact, such engagement leads to more profound insights and connections that reverberate long after the event is over. Create a vibrant and memorable event that goes beyond a mere gathering of people.

Event Details

Keep them informed with live scores, event venues, and updates, ensuring they never miss a moment of the action.


Important information about weather delays, playoff fixtures and any other changes in one place. It's never been easier to stay informed.

Live Streaming

Now your audience can find the Live Stream easier than ever before, giving them access without the hassle.

Interested in Levelling Up?

We have the following options purposefully designed to give your event the glow up you need.

Ad Hoc Leagues
Basic Event Hosting
Ideal for single venue events with basic fixture loading. Perfect for small-scale events or first-time users.
R1000 /event
R1000 per day
  • Easy to use IH app
  • 1 Venue
  • Fixtures
Designed for bigger events involving multiple venues and fixtures. Suitable for larger events with varied schedules.
R1500 /event
R1000 per day
  • Up to 3 Venues
  • Fixtures
  • Referees
For large events requiring detailed management across multiple aspects. Ideal for schools or organisations hosting big events.
R2000 /event
R1000 per day
  • Up to 5 Venues
  • Fixtures
  • Managing Teams
Designed for small leagues at one venue. Ideal for Winter/Summer Leagues hosted by clubs and schools.
R1,000 /week
R1000 Set Up Fee
  • 1 Division
  • 1 Venue
  • Fixtures
Designed for single division leagues that run over extended periods. Perfect for Schools, Provinces, Clubs and Academies that run their leagues over an entire season.
R1,200 /week
R1500 Set Up Fee
  • 1 Division
    • Up to 3 Venues
    • Fixtures
    • Referees
Designed for Large Leagues that run over multiple months ad divisions. Ideal for provincial organisations and universities.
R1,500 /week
R2000 Set Up Fee
  • Multiple Divisions
    • Mulitple Venues
    • Fixtures
    • Team Management

Transparent Event Hosting

No hidden costs. Paid in full prior to the event.

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